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Reality Debt Recovery Specialises in: 

  • Document Preparation
  • Process Serving
  • Field Calls
  • Court Examinations
  • Repossessions
  • Evictions
  • Skip Tracing
  • Surveillance
  • Investigations

Process Serving

Process Serving is required for the service of Court Documents, We aim to have service effected within 7 days, however sometimes this is not possible as the Debtor may be away, or moved from the address provided or simply avoiding service. In these circumstances we aim to achieve results in a professional manner without harassment. Legislation governs the times and days we are able to contact people for service of these documents.If the document we are serving has expired we will notify you, however we always aim to achieve an effective result. For the best outcome it’s always beneficial to have as much information on the subject, that being possible contact numbers, a description or photo of the subject and possibly the best time to attend address will help to achieve the best outcome.

Once the document has been served we will notify you via a report and then complete an Affidavit Of Service which requires to be sworn under oath and signed off by a Justice of Peace. We will scan a copy of this document through to you and send an original copy in the mail. If the document requires us to attend court on your behalf we will hold on to the original document to provide to the Local Court whilst sending you a copy by e-mail at the time of service.


Field Calls

A Field Call is a great way to determine whether it is financially viable to pursue legal action. Field Calls enable us to locate the subject in question. These attendances to residential properties can be discreet by means of identifying if the property in question is occupied, if any vehicles or personal items are located at the given address and also speaking with neighbours. Field Calls can make the person in question aware of the debt that is owed to a creditor. In many cases the subject will co-operate and be willing to provide their current work status, financial position, current contact details and any further information the creditor requests. In some circumstances the subject will refuse to provide these details to an agent and in these situations we will provide them with the creditors contact information and request they call within 24 hours. If the creditor has gained no further contact with the subject then we believe the best course of action is legal proceedings to recover monies owing. 



We offer repossessions of motor vehicles, trucks, machinery, goods and other equipment. Usually a repossession has been requested after attendances to obtain the monies on prior attempts have failed. We always try to obtain the monies owed for the debt, however in some circumstances this is not possible. We aim to achieve the best possible result that will benefit the Client and the Debtor. In order to complete a repossession successfully and hassle free we require as much information about the account as possible to establish whether the Debtor is being honest and willing to surrender their goods. Some Debtors can make repossessing difficult, however if they know they have exhausted all efforts to maintain their agreement, a smoother surrender is possible. We will then arrange for the goods to be delivered to the necessary location requested by our client. A Towing Fee will be charged separately, however you will be informed of the charges prior to surrender.

We are compliant with legislative guidelines governing the removal of goods from private and public property and the legal aspects regarding regulated and unregulated loans.


Court Examinations

If you have an Examination Notice that needs to be served and require us to attend the hearing just notify us with the original service request. If service is effected we will prepare the Affidavit Of Service, scan a copy through to you and take the original document with us to Court. If the debtor attends court we will conduct the examination and provide you with a copy of the Debtors financial situation and how they intend to pay back the monies owed. If the Agent does not believe the debtor is making a reasonable offer then the arrangement will not be accepted, in which case the Agent will contact the Client and inform them of what has been offered and let the Client have the final say. If an agreement is accepted between the Creditor and Debtor it will then be lodged with the Registrar. If the Debtor does not attend court we will request A Warrant Be Issued by the Registrar.


We specialise in lockouts of residential and commercial premises. We liaise with the Sheriff to ensure proceedings are undertaken effectively and on time. We also secure properties that are listed as vacant possession. You can organise a locksmith or we can arrange one for you. A full condition report along with photos will be provided to you within 24 hours and we can deliver the keys to your nominated authority. We are able to make arrangements with your office for supervised access for the removal of goods or for valuer and real estate agent appraisals.


Skip Tracing

It can be frustrating when a debtor has provided false information in relation to their current living location. There are a number of databases which when used correctly, allow us to locate the person in question.  We are respectful of the privacy legislation, the Uniform Consumer Credit Code and the Federal Trade Practices Act which all effect the way skip tracing is undertaken.